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Automatic sump desludging

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If grease and solids are permitted to build up in pump sumps, they can cause more than just an unpleasant smell. The pump’s level regulators can become fouled, reducing operational efficiency and pump life. Flooding may occur. Regular desludging is therefore essential and that means downtime and labour costs where mechanical desludging is used.

ITT Flygt’s Flush Valve provides a simple, effective and fully automatic way of continuously keeping pump sumps free of sludge by flushing the sump at the beginning of every pumping cycle. Sedimentation in the sump is greatly reduced, and unpleasant odours in and around the pumping station are virtually eliminated.

How it works

When the pump starts,
the valve is open. The jet stream passing through
the valve creates a negative pressure in the ball chamber relative to the pressure in an oil-filled chamber beneath the membrane.

During the next
20 seconds, the ball is lifted by the membrane
as the pressure in the two chambers equalises.
The time this takes can be varied by regulating the oil flow from the oil reservoir to the chamber beneath the membrane.